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"from so simple a beginning
endless forms most beautiful and most wonderful
have been, and are being, evolved"

C. Darwin



Forma LMS 3.2

This is the latest stable release, only available to Association Members and Contributors.
Read below the detailed list of changes and improvements



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Forma LMS 3.1

Public stable release, available for everyone to download.
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Forma LMS 3.0.1

This is a maintenance release fixing some bugs and a minor vulnerability affecting the SSO configuration



#19995 - resolve sso vulnerability
#19992 - fixed class constructor
#19975 - fix Certificate special characters print error
#19994 - Sub Admin and user selector widget Commented out some code rows;deletion to be evaluated for future
#19985 - fix user selector orgchart error"
#19993 - fix api course addClassroom
#19991 - changed orgchart parameter
#19989 - fix aggregate certificate API assign meta user
#19989 - fix aggregate certificate detail table
#19990 - add feature mail to teachers in upload course file
#19989 - Fix aggregate certificate category selector
#19988 - Fix error when try to delete classroom course with dates
#19987 - Fix error in teacher area when user does not have permission to one of organitazion|home|public repo
#19986 - fix resize image and increase min image width
#19978 - fix total hours in meta certificate layout
#19985 - fix user selector orgchart error
#19978 - fix meta certificate layout
#19979 - User/object Grid Cannot check Item object type:. missing default param on class constructor.
#19984 - fix error 500 in aggregate certificate view detail
#19981 - fix addDay API adding validation that idDate exist in course
#19978 - fix meta certificate layout
#19978 - fix aggregated certificates
#19978 - Fix aggregate certificate list that shows incorrect course path
#19978 - fix API addMetaCertificates
#19978 - fix 3000 upgrade query
#19978 - update postman API
#19978 - fix aggregate certificate certificate Style#19977
#19978 - fix exception in getanswertest and refactor old while with foreach cycles
#19976 - fix You can't access in new learning object area for normal user.
#19964 - fix baseUrl generation
#19974 - fix issue when block does not have enabledActions
#19974 - fix calendar
#19975 - fix Certificate special characters print error
#19964 - fix baseUrl generation
#19971 - fix addDay API
#19970 - Ripristinate event to interact with lo objects with new event system
#19969 - remove empty modules in land export
#19968 - Fix exception if createModule try to instantiate a class that does not exists
#19967 - Fix meta certificate date formats for tags [meta_complete] [meta_inscr] [meta_access]
#19966 - Fix dropzone upload when file does not contains file extension.
#19963 - fix banner widget and video modal load.
#19964 - fix baseurl calculate when request has implicit php file
#19962 - Fix lang code management in dashboardCalendar to get correct langCode
#19961 - replaced old event "lms.course.deleted" and added "lms.course.deleting"
#19960 - Typo in template folder extension - ripristinate "translate" twig function as "deprecated"
#19959 - Fix plugin manager that not show errors during installation/upgrade
#19958 - replace lost TwigManager functions
#19961 - removed old events and deprecated unused functions
#19957 - added course_box_description

# - Fix installer and upgrader mysql Check

# - Fix dashboard block load - Ripristinate DashboardBlockLms function getUser
# - Add TWIG Template extensions functions

# - Ripristinate correct namespace
# - update composer.phar - add composer-normalize.phar - fix prefixer
# - Add permissions in event dispatch to permit check in events listeners

# - Fix certificate layout
# - API: other fixes and improvements


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Looking for SUPPORT?

forma.lms is a beautiful piece of software, with lots of features and configuration options, but for this same reason
you may need some help, or need some custom development, or maybe you could stumble into some small bug

In these cases, you have two choices:

Join the community forum for
FREE SUPPORT community 400px
The community forum is very active, with 4000+ members and over 12.000 messages.
Just get in and see what happens (but please remember people here are volunteering, so always be patient and polite)
Ask the Forma Partners for 
The project founders and developers can provide professional services to support your adventure with Forma LMS.
If you are in a hurry or need an easy solution for a complex situation, well these are the guys you were looking for!



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